OPEN CLASSES - the perfect warm up for the party!

We introduce a new way to make friends, learn new dance moves and have a lot of fun on the dance floor! Expand your dance skills without having the pressure of following a course for several weeks. Just drop in (no partner needed) and dance with us before every party!

At the moment we offer dance classes in the dances BACHATA & SALSA. We work with independent teachers that love to entertain and inspire people on the dance floor.

20:00-21:00h ► OPEN CLASS (You have a choice between BACHATA or SALSA)
A great opportunity to warm up for the party. The instructur teams will teach you new moves (partnerwork and short shines/pasitos choreographies), musicality and techniques every week. The idea of this classes are to give you a motivation and new moves to try on the dancefloor, right afterwards at the party. It is also a great opportunity to find new friends and dance partners.

IMPORTANT: Basic/Intermediate Level of Bachata or Salsa (any style) are needed.



Elena & Huss are both passionately in love with SALSA. Salsa is a mix of different styles. As they share the vision of a whole community without dividing the styles and people, like we from SalsaLove do, they will let it open to their students and weekly inspiration what to teach: a cuban routine "con sabor" or a partner work with lady styling "en linia", it's a Fusion, make a wish! Join the Sabor-Gang and learn to have fun on the dancefloor and dance what the music tells you!

You couldn't wish for a better team. Elena & Huss will entertain you with their incredible dance & music knowledge and not less with their great humour. Elena is a "rock" in the Swiss Salsa Scene and an inspiration for every lady on the dance floor. Huss is known as THE Social Dancer around here, as he loves to share his musicality passion and wide technical knowledge on the dance floor. Both are continously expanding their skill while attending classes and workshop from the world's best dancers. Don't miss this incredible opportunity this summer!