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SalsaLove - the new name of the weekly thursday dance party Zurich!

Goodbye Salsamania – Hello SalsaLove 

Official media release: 

As our guests know, we have recently been "on tour" with Salsamania many times, as the location X-TRA was more and more occupied with external major events. The location X-TRA has strategically reoriented itself from a club to an event location in the recent years. Due to the current market situation in the event sector, this change was essential and absolutely vital for the location. Although Salsamania has been successfully run every Thursday for 20 years, from an economic point of view, it is no longer possible to keep the event permanently on the location agenda every week. 

"As the Thursday is very popular for big intl. concerts and corporate events client/staff events of large companies), we had to find a new solution for the weekly party.

X-TRA and the brand managers Maurizio and Jessy are very close to the Brand Salsamania. There were many meetings where any possible solution has been discussed. Since the Thursday is a "rock" in Switzerland’s weekly salsa calendar, Maurizio and Jessy wanted to continue with the party under all circumstances. 

For the location X-TRA, as mentioned above, it is unfortunately no longer possible to guarantee the Thursday fixed and regular and thus, with a heavy heart on both sides, the brand manager contract between Maurizio/Jessy and the X-TRA was dissolved by the end of June. 

The party will continue every Thursday in a new location under the new name "SALSALOVE" from July 2019. X-TRA keeps the Salsamania brand and will hold a bigger event on a Saturday around 2-3 times a year from autumn 2019 onwards, under the motto "SALSAMANIA LIVE" - with a new live Latin music concept. 

All parties are happy with the new solution. Our guests continue to dance every Thursday on a well-kept dance floor with great music, while X-TRA offers a new live music concept a few times a year on a weekend.